About Us

Virtual Racing, Real Results

If you love running or cycling, we’ll get you up and moving, no matter your level of skill or conditioning. MOVE ON is a mobile racing app that lets you participate in races – nationwide - from any location you choose! Sign up and join Malaysia’s vibrant running community. MOVE ON notifies you of upcoming races and connects you with athletes who have similar interests. On race day, go to your favorite workout spot, whether it’s a park, a track or just around your neighborhood. Log your start time with a tap, and get going!

There’s no travel to faraway venues, no running or cycling in a crowd, no waiting in long lines. There’s no starting gun, race-day nerves or injuries from collisions with competitors. It’s just you – improving your body and testing your endurance, while challenging others to do and be better. MOVE ON uploads your race data – running time and distance – in real time, importing point totals and results from events onto a virtual leaderboard. After your event, MOVE ON offers analysis of your race to help you improve your performance.

No more marathons on urban roadways, and no more unexpected schedule conflicts or rain delays – MOVE ON lets you participate at your own pace at your own convenience, with a competition schedule that can be set as often as twice daily. You can even use this app to start your own racing event!

Runners and cyclists all over Malaysia are networking, competing, enjoying the real results MOVE ON delivers, and the sense of shared community with people that love running and cycling.

Are you ready to MOVE ON? Tap here to sign up!