23 September | 12:01 AM - 31 December 2022 | 11:59 PM

  • 23 September | 12:01 AM - 31 December 2022 | 11:59 PM


Libra (♎︎) is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac. It spans 180°–210° celestial longitude.[2] The Sun transits this sign on average between September 23 (September equinox) and October 23.[3][4] The symbol of the scales is based on the Scales of Justice held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law and custom.[5] She became the inspiration for modern depictions of Lady Justice. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus.[6][7] Libra is the only zodiac sign that is represented by an object; with the other eleven signs represented by either an animal or mythological character. Libra is the cardinal modality of the three air signs, the others being Gemini and Aquarius. The main connotations of planets under this sign are sociable, rational, and detached when dealing with situations.[9] Libra is symbolized by the scales and is associated with the Roman deity Iustitia. According to the writer Manilius, Roman judges are born under the sign of Libra.

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